level awards

The Junior awards available are:
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • 200 meter safety badge
  • Surf Life Saving Certificate

The award requirements are:

Level 1 (age 7):
  • 25m pool swim
  • 25m open water swim
  • waiding confident to waist depth
  • diving / bob under wave
  • body surfing / glide under wave
  • treading water for 20 seconds
  • run-wade-run (25m x 50m x 25m)
  • bodyboard; catching a wave & paddling
  • theory questions (1-5)
Leve 2 (age 8):
  • 50m pool swim
  • 50m open water swim
  • wading clear of knees at knee depth
  • diving / lie under wave
  • body surfing; catching a wave, stroke on wave
  • treading water for 30 seconds
  • run-wade-run (30m x 50m x 30m)
  • bodyboard surfing; along a broken wave, diving under a wave and kneeling on board.
  • theory questions (1-9)
 Level 3 (age 9):
  • 100m pool swim
  • 100m open water swim
  • wading swim parallel to shore at knee depth, thigh depth with bodyboard
  • diving under a wave
  • body surfing; catching unbroken wave, stroking on wave
  • treading water for 1 minute
  • run-wade-run (50m x 75m x 50m)
  • bodyboarding; acheiving three of the following: surfing along an unbroken wave, going over the top of a wave on the way out, going under a wave, eskimo roll or a rescue
  • theory questions (6-13)
 Level 4 (age 10):
  • 200m pool swim under 7 minutes
  • 200m open water swim
  • diving under wave & pushing off
  • body surfing; swimming to catch a wave
  • treading water for 1 minute
  • run-wade-run (50m x 100m x 50m)
  • board paddling; kneeling, negotiating surf, turning, catching a wave & holding on
  • theory questions (10-17)
 Level 5 (age 11):
  • 200m pool swim under 5 minutes
  • 200m open water swim
  • diving under wave; 5 porpoise dives
  • body surfing; swimming to catch a wave & swimming along shoulder
  • tread water for 2 minutes then assistance required signal for 30 seconds
  • run-swim-run (50m x 100m x 50m)
  • board paddling; catching unbroken wave, turning around bouy, punching through white water, surfing along waves and changing direction & recovering from a wipeout
  • theory questions (14-21)
 200m safety badge:
  • Must satisfy both of the following
  1. complete a 200m pool swim in less than 5 minutes + 1 minute treading water, and 
  2. be assessed as confident in surf conditions

The 200m safety badge is a mandatory requirement to compete in any paddle board event (10 years and above)

Surf Life Saving Certificate (12/13 yrs)
  • minimum competence; achieved level 5 award
  • 200m pool swim under 4.5 minutes
  • run-swim-run (100m x 100m x 100m) in under 5 minutes
  • tow a patient in a rescue tube at least 30 meters in surf, rescuer must wear flippers
  • demonstrate the examination of a patient, the resusitation of a patient using mouth-to-mouth expired air respiration only and the placing of the patient in the recovery position
  • theory questions (level 5 + additional 4 SLSC questions)


You can record your own individual progress and learn the theory questions and answers by downloading the following form;              Junior Awards Log (pdf).