Club news - 6th Nov

Posted by Spencer Park Admin on Monday, 9 November 2015

Well, we are close to the first carnival of the season at Rarangi coming up at Show Weekend.
Below is the list of families and who has indicated they are going.
We are looking for car space for both Brody and Harrison.  If you can fit one or both can you please contact Nicki ASAP and advise. 027 626 0990 or  surfsports@spencerpark.co.nz
If you are not on the list again let Nicki know as you will not have gear on the trailer.

Poulsen 4
Dunn 3
Rowland 4
Hamilton 5
Shaw ?
Moore 4
Newbold 3
Mackenzie 1
Edwards 1
Knight 1
Reed 2
Currey 4
McHugh 4
Mason 4



The finalised Patrol Roster + Patrol Dates (issue date 01/11/2015) can now be found on the Club Website:http://www.spencerpark.co.nz/lifeguarding/patrol-times/

Thank you to everyone who got back to me with updated qualifications.


There have been changes in the NZQA structure, so basically if your FA2 is expiring (but hasn't yet), you are best to sit a 1 day FA1 Refresher course (this covers NZQA credits 6400, 6401 & 6402 - the old 'FA2'). This is a public course and dates can be found here:http://www.cityfirstaid.co.nz/coursedates.htm The club will provide a 50% subsidy to the value of the SLSNZ course course. A number of you are in this situation.


Thanks to everyone who attended. This was a fun course with lots of rock jumping. There is another one booked for 16 January on the West Coast. It would be great to get a bunch of people on it, so put it in the calendar. More details closer to the time.

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